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Plot[ edit ] Data invites Deanna Troi , Wesley Crusher , and Geordi La Forge to his lab and surprises them by introducing a featureless humanoid android , whom he created based on his own structural design and recent advances in Federation cybernetics technology, describing it as his child. He names the android Lal after the Hindi word for “beloved” and encourages it to select a gender and appearance. With Troi’s assistance and considering many of the on-board species as well as the databanks, Lal narrows down to four possibilities, including a Klingon male, which, as Troi points out, would make it “a friend for Worf “, but in the end selects the appearance of a young female human. Data first aids Lal with cognitive and standard behavioral algorithms, as well encourages her to interact with other members of the crew to learn behavioral and social customs. After a failed attempt to place her in school, due to the other children being intimidated by her, he places her under Guinan ‘s care at Ten-Forward. This leads to some awkward moments, such as Lal misunderstanding the concept of flirting and kissing, which she first interpreted as “attacking” until Guinan makes an effort at explaining the practice. Lal nevertheless adapts very quickly, even, to everyone’s amazement, surpassing Data as stated by her ability to use contractions , something Data never achieved. Captain Jean-Luc Picard , being informed about Lal and her progress, expresses concern to Data for constructing Lal in secrecy, but Data reminds him that he would not express such concern were two human crewmembers to decide to procreate, to which the captain has little argument. Nevertheless, Picard, as per general orders, reports to Starfleet, prompting Admiral Haftel to arrive to evaluate Lal. From the outset, Haftel is determined to transfer Lal to a Starfleet science facility.

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His fictional predecessor, Captain James T. In the original series, he exhibited enviable physical strength and agility in many close combat scenarios and was an enthusiastic womanizer. His successor, Jean-Luc Picard, refreshed the series with a sense of intellectualism: Both characters became cultural icons, and Star Trek fans worldwide still cannot decide which one of them is the best Starfleet captain.

By the mid s, although the series had been off the air for years, the Star Trek franchise was immensely successful and had gained cult status across the world.

For a generation of Star Trek fans, the name Jean-Luc Picard is as synonymous with the franchise as the likes of James T. Kirk, Mr. Spock and the Enterprise herself. so.

I was aware that they did not get along to a certain extent but to hear that the animosity came largely from the actor who I thought was wise and mature is disappointing. It puts a dampener on the experience of watching this show that is meant to be about tolerance and compassion. It is unfortunate that petty, real world conflicts could seep in and muddy that experience.

I am sure Mulgrew thinks it was Ryan who was antagonizing. If you combine this with what Garrett Wang has said about this, it seems like Mulgrew was just unprofessional, nasty and petty. I wonder how Mulgrew feels about it now. Does she regret being nasty to her fellow actor? Unless I was there I try not to judge. PC Master Race Why would she regret having a shitty executive producer ruin the show by bringing on an obvious no talented slut?

Jeri Ryan Speaks About Her “Intentionally Unpleasant” Experiences on the STAR TREK: VOYAGER Set

Matt Littledyke Also I remember reading that in early TNG drafts the Ent D also had a main corridor we never saw that the turbo lifts passed through and people could also walk through I suppose a bit like a shipboard promenade. Joey G A ship can hold more people than it can accommodate living in it. My house can hold people in terms of bedrooms but I can easily put 5 times that in the house itself. People seem to forget these ships are made up of corridors to get from point A to B.

Plenty of room to squeeze people in. If you saw the movie, escape pods were being blasted left and right.

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Next We all know who Lt. Commander Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation is, and most of us take him to be a pretty serious minded android. The installation of Data’s emotion chip produced a profound effect on his behavior. An ex-girlfriend owned a cardboard cutout of Data, and one weekend when she was out of town before we started dating this was , folks , a group of us took Data out on the town to show him a good time.

Data kept a log, and sent letters to Monica chronicling his adventures. Available for your perusal are Data’s Adventures! Before we get started, however, here are a few pictures my friend Mr. Wittener and I took with Data on one occasion when I “kidnapped” him from Monica. In this first picture, Mr. Wittener is proudly posing in his bathrobe with Data.

Video: ‘Star Trek’ shows its age – and agelessness – in EMP Museum’s 50th-anniversary exhibition

Pen Pals Q Who Despite much of the dark tones, this episode had some of the best Q lines of any episode. Like when, after bringing Picard back to the Enterprise, he meets Riker and Worf again. Ah, the redoubtable Commander Riker! Growl for me; let me know you still care! That and poor Ensign Sonja Gomez splattering her new captain with hot chocolate. Then digging herself deeper while trying to apologize.

After tasting immense success with his work in “Star Trek,” he has had a long and successful career in both film and TV. He’s featured in “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story “(), the “Miss.

Kevin Fallon digs into the subculture of online dating for Trekkies. Come watch it with me? There are a lot of singles in this galaxy, and increasingly they seem to be turning at warp speed to niche dating sites focused on matching users based on hyperspecific interests—like, say, an intense love of Star Trek. Finding something that is unique about yourself that you can share with someone else is really important.

Head to one of the Star Trek—themed sites listed in this piece. Enamored of men with mustaches? Perhaps you have a mullet and want to meet people who are into that kind of thing. They go to conventions.

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After finishing my TNG marathon viewing this winter, I wrote down a list of favourite episodes that have Data as the main protagonist. For you, dear readers, I decided to chose which ones, in my humble opinion, are the 10 best of the bunch. The choice was based on whether the episode brings character development or because it is simply fantastic. It was a difficult list to come up with because there are more than 10 episodes where the android shines.

In chronological order they are: One of the greatest Data episodes as well as one of the best of Star Trek.

Sep 05,  · Star Trek aired 23 years before I was born and yet I was obsessed before seeing a single episode. My mother’s only experience with Star Trek was seeing Wrath of Khan in theaters, which convinced her it wasn’t child-appropriate.

Destroyed with Reman ship Scimitar in line of duty Service Awards: Promoted to lieutenant junior grade ? Named as operations officer and second officer on U. JAG inquiry at Starbase denied any Starfleet property interest, upholding sentient individual rights ? Temporarily in command of U. Sutherland, detected Romulan interference in Klingon civil war — Transferred with remainder of Picard’s senior staff to Sovereign-class U.

During attempt to repair Borg temporal sabotage with Earth first contact, kidnapped and resisted assimilation by Borg to prevent capture of vessel and loss of timeline integrity ? Sacrificed himself aboard Reman ship Scimitar in order to destroy Thalaron beam generator and save crew of Enterprise-E ; prior to death, downloaded entire memory database into android prototype B-4 Psychological Profile: Even with that goal, Data turned down a chance to be human offered by Q in , quoting Shakespeare’s “To thine own self be true,” but inched closer to his goal with the discovery of an “emotion chip” created by his builder, Dr.

Although he delayed using it for over a year, the chip when finally installed in caused a near-overload until Data began learning the complexities of the new world just opened.

How Vasquez Rocks, L.A.’s onetime outlaw hideout, became ‘Star Trek’s’ favorite alien landscape

Northrop is using a modular energy system in the vehicle from German company JENOPTIK, which produces systems capable of generating kilowatts of ‘exportable, stable power,’ Jeff Wood, Northrop’s director of vehicle modernization, said, according to Defence News. Northrop Grumman says it plans to integrate a kilowatt solid-state fiber laser into the tactical dune buggy. The 5, kg 6. In a disaster scenario, he said, the Hellhound could power a blacked-out hospital; in a war zone, it could power a command post.

Or, Wood said, you could power a laser beam. Several firms have working laser weapons, and Lockheed Martin recently showed off its laser weapon.

Apr 12,  · “Mr. Data Accumulator” it reads, referring to both the “Star Trek” character’s name and Cambridge Analytica, the company that harvested data from Facebook users without their knowledge.

In other words, the Star Trek Research Data can be simple audio logs, or they can be animals, weapons, and even opponents encountered by the two members of the Enterprise. To locate a Star Trek Research Data, players must use the tricorder view which practically scans the environment. A research item that can be scanned is usually yellow, and when players find one, all they have to do is to scan it by tapping X on Xbox An important fact is that not all items or structures are Research Data Items.

Because of this, finding the correct items that count as research items can be quite challenging. Additionally, most Star Trek Research Items can be found in unusual, and hard to reach places. Star Trek the video game is divided in chapters; therefore the guide was also divided in parts, one for each chapter of the videogame. By accessing one of these parts, players can find hints revealing the locations for all Star Trek Research Data, as well as video walkthroughs, which show where to look for them.

To complete all Star Trek Sets, players should collect the data research items in the same order as the one provided in our guides. The Star Trek collectibles known as Data Research Items, play a major role in the game, and should be found by all players who desire to level up faster. The first chapter featuring collectibles is Helios 1.

Data seeks advice about women (INCLUDING THE WORF CLASSIC LINE)