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The overhand loop should keep the uni-knot from slipping down, and it is the strongest knot…just wondering. Reply 9 months 6 days ago Author This would work, but the overhand loop will be the weakest link so there may not be much added strength gained from using the Uni finish instead of the Clinch finish. Several older references show the tag end going in on the opposite side of the initial overhand loop. Does it really matter? Also, the last entry of the tag end is shown by some to go through the center or off to one side. Looks like in your video you go right through the center.

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Velcro BVBA is a privately held company that produces fasteners and other products. It is known for being the original patentor of the hook-and-loop fastener, to which it has (over its objections) lent the generic name “velcro.”. History. Swiss electrical engineer George de Mestral invented his first touch fastener when, in , he went for a walk in the woods and wondered why Burdock seeds.

Hook and Loop Fastener Introduction Hook and loop fastener , do you know what it is commonly called? Probably, you have come across this item somewhere in your life. Here is some information to help you properly understand everything you need to know about the fantastic and versatile hook and loop fastener. So what is Hook and Loop Fastener? Firstly it is important to know that the word hook and loop simply means a system that contains two components, that is the hook side and the loop side.

The hook side just as the name sounds contains some rough fabric with very tiny hooks. The loop side is made of soft fabric with some hairy loops. The hook and loop are two opposing sides and this fact is what makes the whole fastening system work.

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Used an allen wrench to remove the old pad and replaced with the new ones. A very simple repair and I now have 2 sanders that are like new. I love your website and how well the parts are described. I knew the parts were right before I ordered them.

This Back-up Pad offers an excellent durable Velcro hook and loop to attach your innerface pad or sanding disc. In addition, this pad has a medium density foam that provides the support and durability along with a metal shank for a long sanding life.

The hook-and-loop fastening system offers a wide variety of uses for a broad range of industries, including the military, medical and transportation industries. Available in many styles and strengths, there is a hook-and-loop fastener for nearly every task imaginable. Hook-and-loop fasteners are most commonly made of nylon, polyester and polypropylene. Nylon is lightweight and durable, performing in high temperatures up to degrees Fahrenheit , but does not hold up well against water or UV rays.

Polyester is very resistant to water and UV rays, but lacks the high temperature performance of nylon. Polypropylene is also water and UV ray resistant, while also easily heat sealed. The strength of a hook and loop combination is measured in three ways. Shear strength refers to the tensile strength of the hook and loop engagement when held on opposite ends and pulled apart at degrees, parallel to the connection. Tension is measured the same way as shear strength, except the sides are pulled apart evenly from each side, perpendicular to the connection.

The third way to measure hook and loop performance is with peel strength.

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When fastened, the pull strength is extremely high, and the peel strength is medium. Rivet or screw on application. Good for outdoor application. For other details, see test report.

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Velcro is not a physical product. What is hook and loop? Hook and loop is a fastener closure system. The rough side is called hook. Its softer mate is called loop. The hooks engage into the loop and provide the closure mechanism. There are many forms and combinations of hook and loop as well as self-engaging and single-component technologies.

Back to Top Q. What is a hook and loop fastener and hook and loop tape? Other names may include hook and loop closures, hook and pile fasteners, or touch fasteners. These fasteners use the hook and loop closure system and are found as tape, dots, ties, and more. Hook and loop tape refers to strips of fabric that use the hook and loop closure system.

Other forms, such as dots or squares, are shaped pieces of fabric that use the hook and loop closure system.

The Best Loop Knot For Fluorocarbon Leader To Lure or Hook [Knot Contest]

Another end loop can be tied quickly and easily using the Blood Bight Knot. Double the line back to make a loop of the size desired. Bring the end of the loop twice over the doubled part.

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We also make it easy to purchase hook and loop tape by the roll or in bulk and offer wholesale volume discounts! Your hook and loop straps can even be reinforced with polypropylene webbing. We can also cut and mate your hook to your loop, die cut your hook and loop, and manufacture straps in any size, material, color, or quantity. If your application is unique, we can create custom product solutions for your home or business.

Please feel free to contact us over the phone or use the link below to reach us via email. Top Notch Customer Service “Thanks for your prompt service I know I shouldn’t depend on getting my Velcro the next day, but you guys spoil me! Bill Received my order just now. You get a 10 out of Ray Thanks for your quick response! You have definitely won me over, not only on your pricing, but the free cutting and mating! Nancy I appreciate the ease of ordering with you. Thank you for making my day easier.

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Frequently Asked Questions About VELCRO® Brand Products

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This item works with the following types of products: Is the hole pattern the same? This Hook and Loop Disc is for 5″ and will not fit the 4. The holes will not line up. There is no part substitutions listed. My suggestion here would be to call the manufacturer and see if they can provide you with a substitution for these part numbers. Did this question help you?

Yes Will this work for model Rs ? Drew for model number Rs Hello Drew, thank you for your question. Unfortunately, that part is not listed as a compatible replacement.

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